Parsley and Cilantro

Parsley and Cilantro Varieties

Plain Leaf

  • Dark Green Italian
  • Pinocchio

Curly Leaf

  • Unicurl
  • Triple Moss Curled


  • Calypso

Soil Fertility

Maintain soil pH near 6.5, and maintain P and K in the high/optimum range.


Seed is sown 1/3" deep in a well-prepared seedbed. Spacing between rows is 15" to 18". Usual seeding rate is 20 to 40 pounds per acre (1 to 2 oz per 100 feet of row). Seed is slow to germinate and seedlings may take 2 to 3 weeks to emerge. Check older seed for germination percentage and adjust seeding rate accordingly.

Culture and Harvest

Rotate parsley and cilantro plantings each year to avoid soil-borne diseases. Multiple harvests within a year are possible with parsley. A well-maintained planting can be cut from three to five times in a season. Parsley will not overwinter. Cut leaves approximately 1" above the soil line to avoid damaging the growing point. Harvesting should begin in early July with a mid- to late April seeding date.  Cilantro is harvested once.