Abbreviation Description
a.i. active ingredient
/A per acre
AS/AF aqueous suspension, aqueous flowable
bu bushel
D dust
DF dry flowable
E/EC emulsifiable concentrate (emulsible/emulsion/miscible)
F/FL flowable formulation
FM flowable microencapsulated
fl oz fluid ounce
G granular
gal gallon
h hour
hyb hybrid
lb pound
L/LC liquid concentrate

Indicates a pesticide that has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as compliant with the National Organic Standards and therefore approved for use in organic production.

OMRI Organic Materials Review Institute, an organization that reviews products for compliance with the National Organic Standards. See
oz ounce
PHI pre-harvest interval
p.s.i. pounds per square inch
pt pint
qt quart
REI restricted entry interval
S/SC soluble concentrate, spray concentrate
SL slurry
SP soluble powder
sq square (foot or yard)
tbsp tablespoon (level)
tsp teaspoon (level)


water Dispersable Granules 


wettable Granules 

W/WP wettable powder
W/SL water-soluble liquid
WSP wettable, soluble powder
* federally-restricted pesticide

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