2023-24 New England Vegetable Management Guide Authors

General Editors:

Becky Sideman
Lisa McKeag

Section Editors:

Katherine Ghantous, Weeds
Eric Gallandt, Weeds
Becky Sideman, Cultural Practices
Alicyn Smart, Diseases
Anna Wallingford, Insects

Production Manager:

Lisa McKeag


University of Connecticut

  • Shuresh Ghimire, Cultural Practices
  • Leanne Pundt, Vegetable Transplants

University of Maine 

  • Peyton Ginakes, Cultural Practices
  • David T. Handley, Cultural Practices
  • Mark Hutton, Cultural Practices
  • Jason Lilley, Cultural Practices
  • Alicyn Smart, Diseases

University of Massachusetts

  • Genevieve Higgins, Cultural Practices
  • Angela Madeiras, Diseases
  • Lisa McKeag, Cultural Practices
  • Susan Scheufele, Cultural Practices
  • Tom Smiarowski, Risk Management
  • Hannah Whitehead, Cultural Practices

University of New Hampshire

  • Heather Bryant, Cultural Practices
  • Jeremy Delisle, Cultural Practices
  • Nick Rowley, Cultural Practices
  • Becky Sideman, Cultural Practices

University of Vermont

  • Ann Hazelrigg, Diseases
  • Vic Izzo, Insects
  • Becky Maden, Cultural Practices

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners  Association 

  • Caleb Goossen, Cultural Practices

Graphic Design

  • Jill Peterson, Visual Aid Society

Past Contributors

The following people have contributed to this puplication over many years and this Guide reflects many of their contributions: Richard Ashley, A. Richard Bonnano, Ed Boutin, Jude Boucher, Katie Campbell-Nelson, Kristen Castrataro, Pearly Colby, Douglas Cox, Jim Dill, Bess M. Dicklow, Zara Dowling, James Dwyer, Alan Eaton, Wilfred Erhardt, Dave Ferro, Vern Grubinger, George Hamilton, Ruth Hazzard, Courtney Hoffman, John Howell, Frank Mangan, Dominic Marini, Dave Mason, Alden Miller, Thomas Morris, Maggie Ng, Clark Nicklow, Kaitlyn Orde, Amy Ouellette, Linc Pearson, Mike Sciabarrasi, Eric Sideman, Cheryl Smith, Tina Smith, John Spargo, Otho Wells, Wil Reynolds, Robert Wick, Kristen Wilmer.