Insect Control

The different crops and crop families that make up salad mix may or may not be susceptible to the same insect pests. Pests that may occur in salad mix include aphids, whiteflies, cabbage looper, diamondback moth, flea beetles, and leafminers. When insects or damage is observed, note which crop or crops are affected, and refer to the sections of this guide relating to that specific crop or plant family. Use preventative and cultural control options where possible. In summer, when flea beetle populations in particular are high, floating row cover is often installed immediately after seeding to prevent damage.  Burying edges of the row cover is imperative for protecting the growing crop from feeding damage.

Chemical control options are limited because of the very short pre-harvest interval and the diversity of plant families that may be included in the mix. When treating salad mix, make sure that chemicals are labeled for all of the crop species in the mix.